We always recommend our customers at Vapor Loft to detoxify once in a while. But even without the awareness, many smokers and vape enthusiasts use detox products for many reasons; some for screening purposes and others simply to remove toxins from their body while effectively reducing the likelihood of an infection.

When considering the use of detox products, people often take the following factors into account.

Ingredients – Generally, detox products rich in antioxidants are preferred.

Effectiveness – The goal of detox is to make the digestive systems more efficient while stimulating other parts of the body that handle cleansing and elimination of toxins. Detox products are also expected to take effect quickly.

Flavor – No one wants a lingering bad taste in the mouth after using detox products which are meant to purify. So for comfort, many prefer products with flavor they like.

That said, here are a few recommendations from our staff here at Vapor Loft that would help detoxify your body efficiently.

High Voltage Detox Double Flush Combo – This is a very popular liquid and capsules combo that comes in a variety of flavors including Blueberry, Orange, Cherry, Grape etc. The High Voltage Detox Double Flush is a great option if you want to remove high amounts of toxin from your body fast. The formula blends B-vitamins, creatine, various nutrients & herbal extracts that removes toxins from the urinary tract. It takes effect within 2 hours and lasts quite long depending on the consumer’s metabolism.

Ultimate Gold Detox 20oz Drink – Considered to be a great natural detoxifier, the Ultimate Gold detox drink takes less than an hour to take effect. It includes B-vitamins, creatine and essential minerals. The 20oz bottle, which comes in four different flavors, is ideal for people weighing over 200 pounds. One hour before drinking from the bottle, drink a 20 ounce glass of water. After an hour, drink the entire 20oz bottle of the detox. Then you wait 15 minutes before filling the empty bottle with water. Drink that. After urinating 2-3 times within the next hour, your body will be free of toxins.

Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex – Another detox drink popular for its potency, the Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex detox drink is Herbal Clean’s strongest product. The formula is a combination of herbs that can effectively bring down high toxin levels in the body.

The Stuff – A more wallet-friendly detox drink, The Stuff is perfect for people with average toxin levels. If you smoke only once in a while, this is what you can use. It takes some time to flush the toxins but tastes great.

Detoxify Mega Clean NT 32oz – The new and improved version of the popular Mega Clean detox drink, this one has better flavor and gives an extra boost with less calories & sugar. The Detoxify Mega Clean is a premium detox drink for people with high toxins in their body. Once you drink the entire 32oz bottle, make sure to occasionally drink water for the best, quick results.

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