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Vape Devices

Dry herb vaporizers heat a ground material to produce a vapor that houses the material’s therapeutic properties. Unlike concentrate vaporizers – which can use wax, dabs, or liquids – dry herb vaporizers use a more “natural” form of material. Uses typically grind this material themselves. What’s more? Because vaporizers for dry herb use a more natural material, they are often regarded as having an excellent taste.

Portable dry herb vaporizers are small vaporizers that heat ground material (typically referred to as ground material, and sometimes referred to as flower) below its smoke point to produce a vapor that can be inhaled. Portable vaporizers evolved from desktop vaporizers (described below) and are usually charged in short periods of time, rather than needing to be plugged into an outlet consistently in order to work. This allows users take them anywhere and use portable vape pens for dry herb on-the-go.

Wax vape pens and atomizers for wax concentrates, thick oils and e-solid gel aromatherapy.

We at Vapor Loft KC make it our number one priority to connect people with the best Products that fit them best. We carry a wide range of Vape products. If you are not sure what would work best come in and talk with one of our knowledgeable staff and we will see what works best for you. VAPORLOFT KC is the goto store for getting your best smoking products and accessories selections.

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