It’s widely believed that Hookah pipes originated more than a thousand years ago in India. There are also claims that they had been used in Ethiopia, the Middle East and China. Even after centuries, hookah still remains one of the greatest sources of relaxation and enjoyment in the world. In the United States, it’s considered a prized possession among cannabis enthusiasts.

If you are a cannabis enthusiast yourself looking to purchase a hookah for that unique experience, this blog will introduce you to a few essential aspects that you should consider.

The Hookah Model

Hookah pipes generally come in two basic types – Traditional and Modern. The traditional ones differ across various regions but generally have a single tube spanning the stem. The hose and purge valve are combined in a single tube. Modern hookahs, however, have different tubes for each of the above components. While traditional hookahs have wider gauges, the gauges in modern hookahs are much narrower. At Vapor Loft, we believe the wider gauges in traditional hookahs enables an easier draw and a more sensational smoking experience.

The Number Of Hoses

If you have been to hookah parties, you may have noticed multi-hose hookahs. They look awesome and all but multiple hoses actually reduce the performance and quality of the hits. They are also pretty tricky to clean. But if you still want one so you can have a great sesh with your friends, you can still use rubber stoppers to plug all holes except one when you want to do it alone.

Bigger Hookahs???

It’s believed that size does impact performance to a certain extent. For instance, hookahs with bigger stems generate more smoke upon inhalation. Expert users often prefer pipes between 28 and 32 inches. If you travel a lot and want to take your hookah with you, smaller devices are obviously what you should buy. There are smaller hookahs that offer exceptional performance and we have a pretty decent collection of such hookahs here at Vapor Loft.

The Material It’s Made Of

Seasoned users generally prefer hookahs with solid brass pipes. Brass pipes are much sturdier than the rest, and can last a long while with proper care and maintenance. The catch is that you will have to polish the pipes regularly to maintain its great appearance. There are also stainless steel hookahs or ones that combine both steel and brass. Because it’s steel, it’s bound to corrode over time. One of the more popular modern options is the glass hookah. They come in amazing designs and grant a smooth smoking session. However, glass is fragile and so glass hookahs should be handled with extra care. Of course, there are durable variants of glass hookahs if you don’t mind paying a bit extra for the piece.

That’s about all we have to share.

If you still can’t make up your mind, visit our smoke shop in Kansas City, Missouri and check out our collection of high quality, affordable hookahs. Our staff can help you pick one that matches your expectations.

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