A swift jolt of caffeine from a cup of coffee to start the day. Who doesn’t love that?

Almost every CBD enthusiast might have wondered whether they could spice up their morning cup of coffee with CBD. But many refrain from trying out the combination due to a number of concerns. To say that CBD and Coffee is an odd combination would be an understatement. Cannabidiol is supposed to help you relax while coffee wires you up.

That brings us to our subject. Is it worth mixing the two?


We realize the answer wasn’t “short” but even talking about this is kind of exciting for us. And at Vapor Loft, many of our customers who use CBD asked us this question.

What happens when you mix CBD and coffee

For starters, the brew offers a physical, mental and emotional boost; the best of both CBD and coffee. We should warn you though that this combination is a subject of debate; whether these two substances work well together. In theory, with effects that are pretty much opposites, there should be a tug-of-war within your body. And that’s where expertise comes in. You see, the right proportions of CBD and coffee actually allows the former to enhance that jolt from caffeine. It won’t increase your heart rate or lead to anxiety troubles if you do it right. CBD is not psychotropic.

CBD products you can mix with coffee

CBD oil, of course. It comes in two main variants – olive oil and hemp seed. The olive oil variant is basically strong, pure cannabidiol. The hemp seed variant is made to enhance the flavor. Both these variants are perishable. So we recommend storing them in a cool, dark place away from sunlight.
If you don’t want to try oils, go for CBD crystals. You can also try CBD cookies to go with a normal cup of coffee too.

The right mix

It isn’t as complicated as you think. Just brew a cup of coffee with the beans you like, and add a few drops of CBD oil. We recommend not more than 20mg per cup. But just try 10mg per cup to begin with, and see how it goes for you. Remember, nothing bad is going to happen. You aren’t even going to get your stomach upset. However, CBD oil is still being mixed with water which means it will settle on the surface.

Another method is to get CBD-infused coffee beans. With such beans, you only need to brew and drink. However, you won’t be able to increase the CBD dose per cup. To increase CBD dose, you will have to increase caffeine levels.


So a CBD-coffee mix brew gives you that caffeine hit without side-effects like the jitters. The brew won’t get you high as well. So basically, you get that energy boost with a calm mental and emotional state. If you still don’t feel like trying it, you can ask your doctor if this is okay.

If you do like to try it, you can visit us at Vapor Loft to get that high quality CBD to go with your coffee.

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