The season-opener can’t get more epic than this. The Chiefs defeated the Cleveland Browns 33-29 in an incredible showdown at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium. But things were far from perfect, as the victory was a result of a kind of strange play the Chiefs are known for. For casual fans, such plays may appear improbable. But as always, the Chiefs pulled it off.

Our Thoughts

We were actually quite concerned watching the Chiefs’ defense in the match, especially because they were against the Browns who are known to have a scary offense that could give any NFL team a run for their money. They are not at all easy to stop, which made us wonder what the Chiefs are playing at with their fragile defense.

The first half was quite upsetting as the Browns thundered ahead with a 22-10 advantage in the first half of the game. With the change in the Chiefs’ offensive line, we weren’t sure how the Chiefs could catch up while trying to block the Browns’ advance. But then we started noticing that improbable play we mentioned earlier. The Chiefs’ offensive line was protecting their quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, who then went on to steadily dismantle the Browns’ defense. Mahomes completed 27 out of 36 pass attempts and threw for three touchdowns.

The Chiefs’ offensive line did well this time considering the fact that the Browns had capable defensive ends Jadeveon Clowney and Myles Garrett on the field. Despite getting sacked a few times, Mahomes did not throw an interception. Our favorite moment was when Mahomes, with just about 10 minutes left to play, threw a pass downhill towards wide receiver Tyreek Hill who then made a 75-yard touchdown. Epic. Improbable but epic.

As a matter of fact, we felt like the Browns’ defense couldn’t figure out what Hill and Mahomes were up to most of the time. Thanks to the Chiefs’ offensive line, Mahomes found it easy to connect with Hill. Hill was targeted 15 times and made 11 receptions, racking up 197 receiving yards and a touchdown pass. We didn’t realize then that this was the Chiefs’ 15th consecutive victory in the month of September and 7th consecutive victory on opening day.

The atmosphere was electric at the stadium, with fans drowning out the broadcast at times. The Chiefs, as always, were looking forward to playing for the crowd. We should know because many fans drop by our store before heading to the stadium. Most of them needed some kratom to prepare them for what’s coming and to remain energetic throughout the game. Even the head coach Andy Reid remarked how the Chiefs’ fans made a difference.

At the end of the day, this was a euphoric return to football for us residents. From the looks of things, the Chiefs look dangerous for other teams this season. Their next opponent is the Baltimore Ravens, and our money is on the Chiefs.

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