It seems that Louisiana lawmakers may have lost their mind.  Their actions indicate that they are trying to take away the rights of their citizens.  They have expanded a proposal that if passed would go against 2018 federal Farm Bill and would deny citizens their rights to a seek an alternative source for medical treatment. 

The language that was added to the suggested state bill by Republican Representative Clay Schexnayder would deny all access and prohibit sales of alcohol or food containing CBD, unless the FDA approves the substance for such use. 

Make yourself heard

Wake up people the government is trying to reign us back in and silence our voices.  We have voted for this and this is what we wanted but lawmakers want to take our rights away and stop representing we the people, you know the ones they are supposed to answer to. 

Please make sure that you educate yourself and reach out to your elected representatives to make your voices turn into action.

Educate yourself

If you think this is a singular incident then you are sorely mistaken as this is happening nationwide.  For instance this is something even going on within our own state of Missouri, plus Kansas is in an even worse mess than Missouri.   As a vapor shop that specializes in CBD product located on the edge of two different states we get to see the aftermath of these things first hand and there is a lot of miseducation out there.  If you would like to know more about CBD or would even like to purchase some high quality CBD products please come visit one of our highly trained staff who would love to help you out.  If you need directions or just want to reach out to us please see our contact us page.

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