It wouldn’t be wrong to say that workers are the blood vessels of our proud nation. Their hard work and achievements led to where we are today. The Labor Day celebrates their contributions while also unofficially marking the end of Summer and return to school for students. While the United States celebrates Labor Day, we must not forget the price that workers have to pay for doing their jobs.

They stress out their body and mind while taking care of their responsibilities, and often have to work extra hard on some days which subsequently impacts their work – life balance. After a tiring day at work, some of them do not get adequate rest or sleep. This is somewhat true because even their need for relief and relaxation led to the growth of the cannabis and kratom industry.

Stress Relief Is The Need Of The Hour

Many laborers rely on natural substances for relief from physical pain and mental stress, which led to a growing demand for kratom in several parts of the USA. Kratom comes from the Coffee family of trees, and works like an opioid but isn’t one. This means, the substance isn’t heavily associated with addiction. Because of its several medicinal benefits, many workers use kratom without health concerns.

This Labor Day, at Vapor Loft, we are planning some surprises for workers to help them enjoy a day off in the best way possible – high quality kratom strains at the best prices.

We are stocking up on the best strains to help with pain and to help workers feel relaxed.


Maeng Da

Typically used to suppress pain from chronic conditions, we will be offering Maeng Da from the most trusted brands for pain relief without knocking out the consumer. The Red Maeng Da is quite potent, and is ideal for arthritis, muscle pain and pain in the joints. It does not have any sedating effects, so you won’t sleepy or lethargic. If you are a construction/warehouse worker or a mechanic, the Red Maeng Da will give you that peace of mind you desire.

Red Borneo

Best taken during the day, the Red Borneo strain takes a bit longer for the effects to kick in. It’s potent and effective for easing conditions like persistent headaches or chest aches. Remember, this is not a medical supplement and is intended for temporary relief without side affects. For a permanent solution, always consult your doctor. Red Borneo strain is also a great option for people suffering from muscular or joint disorders.

Green Bali

The Green Bali strain is something that keeps one focused and energetic when working. It’s ability to improve focus and concentration cannot be matched by any other strain, which could be why it’s the most popular strain among workers. Best to take at the start of the day before beginning work.


Vapor Loft expresses our warm wishes to all workers and laborers who struggle daily for their families. Drop by our store in Kansas City, and enjoy a fine day relaxed and at peace.

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