Yes, kratom can do this and more.

Most people who know about kratom know that it’s primarily used to improve focus or just relax and have a good time. But there are even more interesting yet obscure things about kratom; one of them being its efficiency in improving work-life balance.

But before we get to that, let us give you a brief introduction to kratom and cover some of those ‘obscure and interesting facts’ about this unique recreational & medicinal drug.


Not many know that kratom comes straight from nature, being a tropical evergreen tree called Mitragyna Speciosa that belongs to the coffee family. It was originally native to Southeast Asia but its recent popularity encouraged cultivation of kratom trees in various regions across the globe.

Kratom comes in several strains; a fact that many people including those who’ve heard of kratom aren’t aware of. The most popular strains are the White Vein, Red Vein & Green Vein. Apart from these, there’s also a Yellow Vein strain and many variants of red, green & white vein strains.

White Vein Kratom is arguably the most popular strain while Red Vein is considered the best kratom strain. Green vein is widely considered as the All-In-One super strain offering a variety of effects.

Now let’s get down to how kratom helps with work-life balance.

For those of you who are overwhelmed with work

A vast majority of working-class people, regardless of industry, find themselves burned out every day after work, to the point where they can’t relax even at home when not doing anything stressful. This consequently impacts their work-life balance causing problems in relationships and constantly draining them from within. To alleviate this ‘burnout’, many people rely on stress-control and anti-anxiety medication. Kratom presents a more natural remedy.

Some strains of kratom actually help with the burnout allowing one to feel relaxed and stress-free without a high. Because kratom offers a variety of effects, dosage is the key here. And that’s where things get tricky. There is no one-size-fits-all dosage. The right dosage varies from person to person, and depends on several factors including physique, natural tolerance and more. You may also need to try different strains depending on how you want to maintain that work-life balance.

For example, if you are a manual laborer, you can try some variants of the red vein kratom like Red Riau for relief from muscle pain and soreness. If all the stress has affected your sleep, red vein strains help there as well. If you just feel exhausted after work, you can take the Green Maeng Da strain – a green strain that can instantly energize you.

The whole idea of using kratom to maintain work-life balance is basically to distract you from professional responsibilities and help you relax. No one wants to feel burned out every day. And not many want to use kratom every day to feel energized or relaxed. You don’t have to use kratom every day to feel so.

So why not try it today?

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