Here are the answers. Different types or strains of Kratom are available. As we know Kratom grows in tropical Southeast Asia. Different types of Kratom trees are there, each having its unique characteristics. Normally for the market, Kratom leaves are dried in sun and ground as fine powder.
There are three main strains of Kratom. First strain is White vein Kratom that carries an acquired taste compared to other strains. Means, the user slowly acquires the taste of this Kratom. That is, its intensity makes it slightly harder for beginners to appreciate. White vein Kratom is harvested while leaves of Kratom tree are still young and its veins are still white. Such leaves are plucked, dried indoor with no light shown to it. White vein Kratom is one of the most potent outside of Maeng Da Kratom. Because of its high potency, it is not ideal for beginners, but once you get used to other mild varieties of Kratom, you can try White vein Kratom. It has different effects on your body like mild stimulant effect and also gives increased energy and alertness.
The next main strain is Red vein Kratom. It is one of the popular ones around. It causes a sedative effect. This strain is good for pain relief. It gives users euphoria. Here, the leaves of Kratom tree are processed in sunlight or UV lamp during its drying. Sometimes Red vein Kratom is fermented to make Bentuangi Kratom, a verity of Red vein Kratom. Potency wise, Red vein Kratom is the softest of Kratoms. This strain is not much of a stimulant and so friendlier than White or Green Kratom stains. Users have the feeling of calmness and pain relief.
The next strain variety is Green vein Kratom. It stands middle way between White and Red Kratoms. But Green vein Kratom has more or less same stimulant effect as White vein Kratom. It is harvested after Kratom plant is matured. So this Kratom is darker in colour. In processing, Green vein Kratom is first dried indoor in air-conditioned rooms and then put outside to dry. It is potency wise, it is more subtle than White vein Kratom. Effects are like it gives mild energy boost. It gives more mental calmness to you to be alert on a specific job.
Others variety strains are Maeng Da Kratom. It is originally from Thailand. It is a high quality one. This strain has features of Red and White vein Kratoms and so marketed as White or Red vein Kratom. Another type Bentuangie Kratom is Red vein Kratom fermented during drying. It has sedative effect and relieves pain as well.
Yellow vein Kratom is produced by the mixing of White and Green vein Kratoms or Green and Red vein Kratoms. Some strains are named after the place they come from like Red Bali or White Borneo Kratoms.
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