You’re ready to quit smoking and start vaping. So, what now? 

The first thing we would like to state here is this: if you do not smoke, and are not looking for an alternative to smoking, this is not for you. We do not condone vaping as a hobby. 

So, maybe you have already tried out a cig-a-like type device, like a Blu or another disposable brand from your local liquor store. If you liked this alternative, or even if you haven’t tried a cig-a-like out yet, we’re ready to get you started and answer the most frequently asked questions that we hear. 

How is vaping different than smoking?

The use of electronic cigarettes (known as e-smoking or vaping) is an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Instead of being lit, an electronic cigarette vaporizes a solution of water, nicotine & flavoring. There’s no smoke, no combustion. Electronic cigarettes are not meant to be a smoking cessation device.

Vaping has been around for a few years, but to a new vaper, it’s a mystery. Smokers try e-cigarettes when they want to stop smoking and when they wonder what all the fuss is about. Usually, someone wanting to quit will get the disposable type of e-cigarette to find out what it’s like. If the quitting smoker likes this new alternative, usually they move up to the non-disposable kits. It’s not really fair to call this alternative a cigarette, because they have almost nothing to do with commercially produced cigarettes. These e-cigarettes do provide nicotine, that substance that calms the smoker’s jangled nerves. Everything else about e-cigs is totally unique.

Step 1: Buy the Equipment 

First, the new vaper will need the proper vaping equipment. S/he will need to become accustomed to not holding the device between two fingers like a cigarette. The e-cig is longer and heavier than a cigarette. Disposable e-cigs are fine for trying out this new alternative, but for the long-term the new vaper will need quality equipment s/he can put together in pretty much this order:

Mod: This houses the battery.
Tank: The liquid is stored here. It comes in hundreds of interesting flavors.
Atomizer: This heats the juice to produce the vapor that is inhaled.
Drip-tip: This is where smokers inhale.
Cartomizer: This is the tank and atomizer in one compartment.
Battery charger: This can be used via USB or plugged in. 

Step 2: Make Choices

Just like pack of cigarettes, the nicotine count comes in variations. A nicotine strength of 0mg means no nicotine at all. A nicotine strength of 6mg would equal an ultra-light cigarette. A nicotine strength of 12mg would be like a pack of Marlboro Mediums. A nicotine strength of 18mg would be regular cigarette, and a nicotine strength of 24mg would be quite strong. The flavors range from woodsy to floral, fruity to veggie, coffee to tea and everything in between. The new vaper has quite a few decisions to make before s/he buys a kit.

Prices are important, but remember the pieces should last the smoker about one year. That’s cheap when smokers compare the cost of vaping to one year’s worth of cigarettes. It’s also cheap, because the health benefits of vaping over cigarette smoking are enormous. The smoker won’t have so many doctor bills or prescriptions to clear his/her lungs.

Step 3: Maintenance

Everything needs cleaning every now and then and E-cigs are no different. Unscrew each piece, and have on hand paper towels, Q-tips and tweezers.

Drip-tip: roll a paper towel into a string. Push the towel up into the tip to remove any liquid that may have gotten in there.

Tank: if the tank is overfilled, it will leak. Blowing into the unscrewed end, hold a paper towel over the other end to catch the excess. Wipe threads and continue to the next piece.

Atomizer: there might be build-up on the threads between the battery and atomizer. Wipe the threads with a paper towel. Use the Q-tip to clean the inside of the atomizer. If one wants to deep clean the atomizer, hold it in the tweezers and run hot water through it. Allow it to dry overnight before vaping.

Now, let’s learn some technical terminology:

  1. A “mod” is the housing that contains the battery. This is what powers the heating of the coil that produces the vapor.
  2. A “coil” is the main part of your device that produces vapor. In tanks and beginner kits, one will use a pre-built coil, also referred to as an atomizer head. 
  3. A “tank” is where the liquid is stored. It attaches to the battery and uses a wick system to carry the juice to the coil.
  4. A “drip tip” is where you inhale from. It attaches to the top of the tank.
  5. “E-Juice” is the flavored liquid that will be heated to produce the vapor you inhale. There are hundreds of flavors to choose from. 
  6. A battery charger is needed and can be used via USB or power outlet. 

We’d also like to add in some terminology you may hear that isn’t technical, but important to know:

1. When we say “set up”, we’re referring to the device you are using, both mod and tank or mod and rebuildable dripping atomizer (or RDA)

2. An RDA is a rebuildable dripping atomizer, which one will need to hand build the coils for and wick with a cotton or other wicking material, these are for advanced users only. 

3. We use the term “dry hit” to refer to the taste of dry cotton that can occur w hen vaping with no liquid in the tank or RDA one is using. 

4. “Auto-firing” is the term that refers to when a device is firing without pressing the firing or power button. This is a very scary scenario which can cause a battery to vent until it explodes. 

5. An “authentic device” is a device, regardless if it is a mod, atomizer, tank, etc, that is made by the actual designer of a product. Authentic products are the best to buy because they are associated with reputable people that stand behind their brand. 

6. A “clone” is a knock off of an authentic device, usually made in China. These products can be extremely dangerous, as little care goes into making them. These products are cheaper because the parts are cheaper and the quality control is next to none. 

7. A “generic” is a device made by a company that got the OK to re-create an authentic product. These companies take time and safely make cheaper versions of Authentic products. 

Ok, let’s jump into your questions and get you started! 

What device should I start out with?

We sell so many different devices online. We have very simple categories: one for beginners found here, and one for more intermediate users found here. All of these devices are basically the same concept: a battery, or mod that one inserts a battery into, a tank, and replaceable coils for the tank. The top device for starters is always changing, since new products are always coming out. We always recommend sticking to the top brands in the industry. AspireKangertechSmokInnokin, and Joyetech are all very good brands. Wondering what our staff favorite is at the time of your order? E-mail us and we can tell you! You will want to start out with some sort of mod and a tank, though. Buying a tank means you can purchase pre-built coils, or atomizer heads, like we talked about earlier. This is the easiest and most convenient way to vape! 

Ok, I have my new device. How do I start vaping?

  Your tank will have two separate parts: Your base, which holds the coil, and the glass portion, which will hold the e-liquid. The first, and truly most important step to a good vaping experience, is to prime your coil. Unscrew the coil from the base of the tank. Put 2 small drops of liquid down the center of your coil, allowing the liquid to soak into the cotton. There will be some small holes exposing cotton on the outside of the coil- dab a tiny bit of liquid there also. Re-screw your coil back into the base of the tank and put it to the side. Now, grab the glass portion of your tank and fill it up (if bottom fill). Try your hardest not to get liquid into the center of the tank, or “chimney”, as this is where your vapor will come from, and where e-liquid will get into your mouth if you fill it up on accident. Now you’ll be ready to re-attach your tank, screwing in the glass to the base carefully. Now, without firing the device, “pull” on your drip tip (just like you’re vaping, just do not press your power button!) for just a few seconds. Now, turn on your device, and, if you are able to turn your wattage down, turn it down to a very low setting, around 7W. Begin firing the device and vaping. You will slowly be able to turn the wattage up, producing more vapor and better flavor. Don’t know how high you can go? Look on the coil; the coil will show you what wattage range to use on your device. 

You will know your coil needs to be changed when you start tasting an unfamiliar burnt taste. Then, just repeat these steps, and you’ll be ready to vape again!

How much e-liquid am I going to need or will I use?
This is impossible for us to estimate! If I have a half tank of gas, it can last a day, or a month, entirely dependent on how much I drive. The same is true for vaping. While I may vape all day at my desk, you may only vape a few times a day, meaning I will burn through e-liquid much faster than you. Always keep some e -liquid on hand, and, after a while, you’ll get an idea for how much liquid you use daily. 

How do I properly care for my batteries if I am using a device with replaceable batteries (not internal)? 
Battery safety is one of the most, if not the most, important issues when you are vaping. Not properly caring for your batteries can be detrimental and can cause serious injury. Do not, under any circumstance, toss your batteries around. Do not leave them in your pockets, purse, car, or rolling around in your backpack. We sell battery cases for very cheap which will safely protect your batteries. Do not, under any circumstances, use batteries that have a rip or small tare in the wrap, especially if the battery is actually showing under the wrap! This can cause auto-firing in your device, which, left unnoticed and not resolved quickly, can cause very serious injury. Clean your batteries of any e-liquid before charging them. Always take very good care of your batteries! Not sure if what you’re using is safe? E-mail us. We will tell you! We cannot stress how important battery safety is. 

Ok, I understand the basics. Now let’s talk E-Liquid.  
PG/VG ratios/ different flavorings/nicotine equivalencies 

Now that the basics are out of the way, let’s address some common concerns, questions, or misconceptions. First off, vaping was not created for you to “blow clouds”. Vaping is a healthy alternative to smoking, and that is it. Yes, there is a very large group of people that vape with the intent to custom build their mods  and RDA to be able to blow very large clouds of vapor, but this is not the goal. Additionally, a lot of safety concerns come with this phenomenon of “cloud chasing”. We have seen many instances where someone builds an RDA for an individual very dangerously, while using a no good battery, and the device can explode. There are so many dangers associated with building these different coils, and we do not condone or urge anyone to get involved in this. 

A fun and huge positive of switching from smoking to vaping is your new community of friends. Whether it’s on FaceBook, Instagram, Reddit, or any other social media platform, you can find all kinds of people that can help you on your new journey to a healthier lifestyle. We always have a ton of conventions all over the world for vaping, not to mention the huge amount of vaping meets that different shops and or groups hold. These meet ups are very fun, because you’ll meet new people and become even more knowledgeable on new companies and new products! 

If you’ve smoked traditional cigarettes for years, the term “e-cig” is an intriguing prospect. When you’re looking for a change, especially for an enhanced taste, e-cigarettes are a perfect product to keep your nicotine needs fulfilled. However, the e-cig industry has an entire vocabulary exclusive to its use. New vapers don’t need to worry about these terms because they are relatively simple to understand when you grasp the cigarette’s mechanical construction.

Common Vaping Terms


Unlike traditional cigarettes with their dry material cores, e-cigs use a liquid, or e-juice. This liquid houses the nicotine, flavoring and vaporizing components to create the vaping effect. It does not produce smoke when heated, but actually vaporizes the liquid into a steam that is often visible. This vaping allows you to feel like you’re smoking, satisfying that physical and mental craving for a cloudy exhalation.

Propylene Glycol

This e-juice component is the main flavor carrier. As you heat the e-juice, you want to taste the particular flavor you chose, from tropical fruits to menthol. Propylene glycol holds flavors well, giving you a rich taste with each vape. However, an e-juice solution with 100 percent PG will not give you a proper vape cloud. It must be mixed with vegetable glycerin for the best effect.

Vegetable Glycerin

This e-juice component offers the visible vapor which is composed of mainly water. The inhaling process gives the e-cig user the nicotine rush while exhaling the flavoring and water molecules. VG must be mixed with PG because flavoring isn’t held well with VG molecules. However, VG does offer the benefit of a softer throat hit. High PG concentrations make users cough, creating an uncomfortable experience.


Carts are essential the e-juice storage tanks. They hold the e-juice safely away from the heating element until it’s time to vape. Carts are available in either refillable or disposable types. If you are a casual user, a disposable type is quickly attached to your e-cig, but they are often expensive. Loyal vapers typically buy the refillable kind to reduce trash and save money simultaneously.


Although it sounds exotic, an atomizer is really just the e-cig’s heating element. The e-juice must be heated to a particular temperature to protect the physical e-cigarette along with the user’s mouth. It heats the liquid enough to vaporize it into a breathable mass. If it’s too cool, the juice cannot change physical states. Hot vapor is a potential hazard, making it crucial to have a quality e-cig.


For vaping enthusiasts, the cartomizer is one of the best inventions. It houses the cartridge and atomizer into one solid unit. Unlike other separate cartridges, cartomizers hold more e-juice. Users can vape for longer periods without having to replace the liquid constantly. Cartomizers are often made of quality materials to last much longer than disposable units, giving you more value for your money. With the savings, you can try other e-juice flavors.

Some of our most frequently asked questions:

How long will my battery last?

This will always vary based on the user. We like to equate battery life to the fuel in your car; how much you are using will vary based on how much you are driving. Additionally, voltage and wattage play a huge role in this. If you are using a mechanical mod with a low build, the battery is pushing more power, meaning you’ll have to change it sooner. You’ll get a hang for how often you need to change your battery after getting more familiar with your device.

Why did the light on my device change color?

The light is changing to let you know you need to recharge your mod, or swap out your batteries. Always try to keep an extra battery on hand, or a car charger, if possible.

My e-cigarette is producing an odor… what is that smell?

If the smell is in line with the profile of e-liquid you’re vaping, that’s OK! If the odor is more burnt in nature, that could mean you are low on e-liquid or your wick is going bad. This is common, and the fix is easy!

My tank is gurgling. Is that bad?

This is totally normal! Gurgling can come from flooding the coil, or from oxygen. If it’s oxygen, the sound will go away quickly. If it’s gurgling that’s troubling you, take the coil out of your tank and clean out from under it. Dry burn the coil a bit (fire the device with just the coil screwed in, no tank, for a second or so) to dry that extra liquid out.

Why isn’t my battery working?

Try clicking the power button 5 times, rapidly. The device should come on. Still not working? Plug the device in, let it charge, and try again.

How long will my coil last?

Let’s refer back to the battery usage question. This will always change depending on the user, as well as the wattage and what types of e-liquid you’re using. Typically, coils last anywhere from two weeks to two months.

My throat hurts when I vape.

Vaping is different from smoking cigarettes. If this happens, try using a) a different brand of e-liquid or b) a lower nicotine mg. Not all nicotines are created equally, and that is often the culprit for that annoying scratchy throat.

How long will my e-liquid last?

Another reference back to the coil and battery life here. This all depends on how much you are vaping. Again, you’ll get a hang for how much liquid to keep on hand after you get into it!

Are e-cigarettes cheaper than analogs?

In the long run, yes. A starter kit can cost from around $50 to $100, and the only upkeep past that is coils (if using pre-built coils) and e-liquid, much cheaper than the pack a day a lot of analog smokers are buying.

How similar is vaping to smoking?

Very similar! The vapor feels and looks like smoke, and satisfies those nicotine cravings. The beautiful thing about vaping is we can decide how much nicotine we are using, allowing us to slowly kick that nicotine craving all together!

Can I use my e-cigarette anywhere?

Every state and city has different laws. Depending on where you are, do some due diligent research to be sure you are in the right areas. Also, please be polite and respectful! Never try to vape in people’s faces, around small children, or entrances to businesses. We don’t want vaping to get a bad reputation.

I vape more than I smoked. Is that OK?

Anything is better than smoking. If you feel like you are vaping too much, perhaps you are needing more nicotine, and reduced that mg strength too quickly. Try to bump up your nicotine strength and see if that helps you not vape as much.

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