Every cannabis enthusiast probably owns a bong. That’s how legendary bongs are. They come in various shapes and sizes offering smooth, potent hits. Compared to joints and spliffs, bongs are considered a much healthier way to consume cannabis. If you are new to the world of cannabis, a bong is one of the first things you should get.

Before we begin with the Whys, let’s understand what bongs are.


Also known as water pipes, bongs generally have a cylindrical structure with a base to hold water. The smoke produced has to travel through this water first before it’s inhaled, granting a cleaner and healthier smoking experience. This ‘water filtration’ produces a bubbling sound and may also give a smoother hit.

To use bongs, one simply needs to fill its bowl with cannabis, place the opening of the tube against their mouth, apply flame to the bowl and inhale to fill up the tube with filtered smoke. As we have mentioned above, bongs come in several types. Depending on the type of bong the smoker uses, the bowl may have to be taken out of the tube or the finger covering the hole on the tube should be removed. No you don’t have to chop off your finger. We just need the hole open which will clear the bong and fill the smoker’s lungs with smoke.

By now, you may have realized that all of this sounds too old school. It is and always has been. But the experience is just amazing. Besides, old school bong experience offers a lot of benefits.

Here’s Why You Should Use Bongs

1) It’s easy to use

Though it looks a bit sophisticated, bongs are really easy to use. Even if the bongs are designed to look extravagant, the mechanism generally remains the same – Ignite bowl & inhale from mouthpiece. Furthermore, bongs don’t need you to go through a tiresome rolling process or get an external apparatus. You just need a few good buds, a lighter and maybe a mesh screen.

2) The hit is too awesome

This is probably the biggest benefit of using bongs – a smoother, bigger hit. The smoke from the pipe goes through water (or ice in some types) cooling it for a more satisfying inhalation. The water also removes substances that could lead to a less pleasurable hit. The high is instant and big. When smoking weed, you have to grind it and roll it up before smoking, with the time to feel the effects taking up to 15 minutes. With bong, you just have to place the cannabis into the bowl, ignite & inhale for a massive hit. There are bongs that offer even bigger and more potent hits.

3) Durability

Last but not the least, bongs are durable devices. With proper care and maintenance, they last for years. A great bong may cost a bit at first, but you are saving a lot of money in the long run as you won’t have to spend on rolling papers and blunt wraps.

There are many more advantages to bongs, and they look good on your table. If you want to learn more about bongs or choose one that fits your style, drop by Vapor Loft, Kansas City and check out our collection.

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