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We, Vapor Loft KC is Covid conscious and Covid cautious- To protect our staff, customers and the wider community

As we all know that this Covid time is a challenging time with regard to our health and safety. We, Vapor Loft KC, are very much concerned about the health, safety and wellbeing of all our staff, customers and wider community. Our store is kept Covid free by our staff strictly following standard Covid precautions and our own special precautions as well based on commonsense and logic. Our store is periodically cleaned. Our staff members follow strict hygienic practices. Health and safety of everyone who interacts with us is of paramount importance to us.


– Be aware that you should not share your Vaping devices with anyone else. Virus is transmitted through droplets. Vaping devices and accessories can put virus into your respiratory tract all the way down to your lungs if you share it with an infected person. Or you can pass on infection to others if you are infected by sharing your
Vaping devices with your friends.

– Be aware to keep your hands sanitized. Hand hygiene is important to prevent Covid spread. When you fiddle with coil, tank or juice of Vape, keep your hands clean to protect yourself and others.

– Be aware that you should not blow your Vape cloud at anyone near you at the Vaping environment especially if it is a closed room. You have the responsibility to protect others when you protect yourself. If you are infected, you should not pass on infection to others by your negligence while you safeguard yourself from the infected others

2. Smoking

– Be aware that when you smoke or Vape, you take off your droplet barrier, the mask out making you exposed to others’ viruses and also you may expose others to your viruses if you are infected. For many of us, Smoke or Vape is a way to socialize. So there is a pretty good chance that when we do this, we will be most likely in the company of close buddies. Means, if we do not follow Covid precautions, there are pretty good chances of virus spread. So we have to protect us and others. By following strict Covid precautions, we can eliminate or reduce Covid risk to ourselves and others.

– Be aware that you should not put anything for smoking like cigarettes, hookahs or pipes someone else has already put in their mouth.

– Be aware that you should clean and sanitize smoking supplies and accessories like lighters, herb grinders, hookah hoses etc with alcohol wipes.

– Be aware that you should not blow your smoke onto the face of others nearby.Try to smoke outdoors as far as possible rather than in a crowded room.

Be Safe & Thank You

And on a general note, please use your commonsense and standard precautions of Covid to tame Coronovirus around you. Be a part of the team of Covid warriors informally even when you smoke or Vape. The standard Covid precautions are our new normal and our new shared responsibility.
In this Covid time, we, Vapor Loft KC cares about everyone’s health and safety, also we consider it as our social responsibility. Please care about your health and safety and that of others all the time. While you are at our store, we do it for you.
For a better tomorrow, we are all trying to mitigate the Covid risk and trying to improve everyone’s health, safety and wellbeing.

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