In spite of its massive popularity, CBD or Cannabidiol is still misunderstood by a lot of people. And that’s why we thought we should debunk a few common myths on CBD with this article.

Let’s get started.

CBD is non psychoactive

It’s a super common myth, and even seasoned CBD experts think this is true. The truth is that CBD is non psychotropic, and not ‘non-psychoactive’. CBD does not get the user intoxicated though it affects the endocannabinoid system. This means CBD definitely has an effect on the mind. And because it has an effect on the mind, it can be categorized as psychoactive.

CBD is the same regardless of its source

This myth is popular because CBD is a chemical compound. CBD from a full spectrum hemp and CBD from cannabis flowers or isolate crystals may have the same molecular structure but that doesn’t mean the effects for each are the same. There are hundreds of active compounds in cannabis and hemp plants, and a natural synergy exists between them which plays a role in the effects of CBD extracted from them. Apart from this, there are many varieties of cannabis plants as well with different concentrations of active compounds. The CBD administration method also influences the effects obtained. For instance, vaporized CBD can have different effects compared to CBD oil.

The more, the better

Because CBD isn’t psychotropic, there is also the misconception that one can take more CBD to experience better effects. This isn’t true because the right CBD dosage is not the same for everyone. As a matter of fact, CBD can give different effects to different people.

Some people, particularly those with more weight or body mass, may need to take bigger doses of CBD to feel the effects while some others may just need a few drops of CBD oil.

To surmise, the effects of CBD may depend on the dose, the strength of the CBD product, how it’s consumed and more.

CBD isolate is the purest

This is another myth that’s getting a lot of attention from the community. There has always been a comparison between CBD isolates and full-spectrum extracts. The purity of CBD is not determined by whether it’s an isolate or an extract. The type only tells you whether other compounds from cannabis plants are present in the product or not. Trusted CBD products generally present information on how much active CBD they contain.

CBD is the only therapeutic compound in cannabis/hemp plants

Again, not true. Cannabis and hemp plants have over 400 active compounds within. And not all of them have been studied properly. The most thoroughly researched compound is definitely CBD, and its therapeutic benefits are proven as well. Apart from CBD, THC is also proven to have therapeutic effects. However, a conclusive study has not been made yet. The cannabis plant and its compounds need more research for us to truly understand them.


We have covered the most common myths in this article, but there are dozens more that still remain popular. If you are interested in trying CBD or looking for high quality CBD products, purchase them only from reputed and trusted sellers.

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