If dry herb vapes are your thing, you should be aware of the sheer variety of options you need to explore before finally picking one, hoping that it won’t disappoint. Even if you aren’t new to vaping, choosing the right dry herb vape can be quite tedious. That is why our team here at Vapor Loft prepared this short guide for you, so you can find the dry herb vape that suits your needs and meets your expectations.

To begin with, you need to make a list of your priorities – what you expect from your dry herb vape. Don’t worry, as this is not very time consuming. Just ask yourself these questions.

1) How much vapor can the vaporizer generate?

This is pretty much the first thing any vaping enthusiast will consider before choosing a vaporizer, as more vapor means greater effects. So when you pick a dry herb vaporizer, make sure it can generate a lot of vapor.

2) Do you prefer smoking only at home or occasionally with friends?

This is pretty important to decide what kind of dry herb vaporizer you should buy. Dry herb vapes come in two variants – a desktop variant and a portable one. So if you prefer smoking mostly at home either alone or with friends, you should get a desktop herb vaporizer. The desktop variant is more durable and sturdy with large chambers and accurate temperatures. And you don’t have to be concerned about the battery life.

Now if you want to smoke whenever you want to no matter where you are, you should get the portable variant; a dry herb pen. Unlike the desktop variant, the pen is obviously lightweight and portable. But that’s not all. Vape pens come in a variety of options.

3) What’s your budget?

Generally, the more expensive vaporizers are, the better the quality. But we assure you that there are some high quality vapes in the market that don’t cost much. Visit us at Vapor Loft, KC to check out our collection of high quality but super affordable vapes. So figure out your budget before getting a vaporizer of your choice. If you are willing to pay a bit more upfront, you can get vaporizers that last longer and give smoother hits.

Other factors to consider

We recommend considering three important factors before actually buying a dry herb vaporizer.

● Brand
● Battery Life
● Maintenance

When it comes to herbal vapes, brand names are important. There are knockoffs and cheap pens flooding the market. Even the vape juice may lack quality. So always get herbal vape pens from the most trusted brands. Next up is the battery life. Make sure the vaporizer has a long battery life. There are vape pens with removable batteries; where you can just swap the old battery with a new one. Then there are disposable vape pens with just a few hours of battery life. The last factor to consider is regarding the maintenance. The best herbal vape pens do not require a lot of maintenance. You may only have to brush off the residues to keep using the vapes again.

Drop by Vapor Loft, Kansas City for a more in-depth understanding of herbal vapes and accessories. Our staff can help you pick a quality vaporizer that will fit your needs.

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