If you aren’t new to kratom, you might already be familiar with kratom powder. Once the leaves are harvested from the tree, they go through a number of processes to become that powder. The processes depend on the kratom vendors or manufacturers, which is why we have quite a lot of kratom variants commercially available today.

That said, there seems to be a confusion, even among experienced kratom users, regarding kratom extract and kratom powder. This may have something to do with the fact that kratom extracts can also come powdered. Both kratom extract and kratom powder offer unique experiences to consumers.

Now let’s get to the differences between the two.

Kratom Powder

The most basic form of kratom is of course the kratom leaf. Kratom powder is second in line, and comes pretty close. Once the leaves are harvested, they are dried and ground into a powder that can be consumed as capsules, mixed with drinks or brewed. The effects of kratom are due to its alkaloid content. Kratom powders have similar levels of alkaloids to the plant itself.

Kratom Extract

Theoretically, kratom extract is an extension of kratom powder as it cannot exist without the latter. To make kratom extract, one needs either the leaves or kratom powder. Kratom extract is the result of specific extraction processes on the leaves or powder, and is a variant with the highest concentration of alkaloids. Yes, even more alkaloid content than kratom powders which are supposed to be close to the basic form of kratom. Because of the alkaloid content, kratom extracts offer the most potent effects. Kratom vendors may use different extraction methods, which also influences the price of the final product.

Choosing Between Kratom Powder & Kratom Extract

When it comes to choosing between the two, alkaloid concentration is a big factor. Consumers who desire more potent effects often choose kratom extract, if they are aware of the differences. Some people believe that kratom powders are purer as they are basically dried and grounded kratom leaves. So they settle for relatively lesser effects with kratom powders. Experienced kratom users prefer extracts for their concentration of alkaloids and long-lasting effects. If concentration of alkaloids is important to you, the team here at Vapor Loft recommends checking the label of kratom extracts to see the percentage of mitragynine (alkaloid). You can try out different ratios or percentages of mitragynine to experience different effects, and then settle for the most desired effects.

Another factor that influences the choice between the two is side effects. Users of kratom powders may experience temporary yet annoying side effects like nausea. For such users, kratom extracts are a better choice as there is less plant matter in the extracts compared to powders.

Ultimately, we recommend trying both but only from trusted brands. Such brands clearly label their products making it easier for even beginners to distinguish between powder and extract.

At Vapor Loft, we offer the highest quality kratom powders and extracts. Our staff can also help you figure out the right dosage for desired effects. Drop by Vapor Loft, Kansas City and experience quality kratom and various other products at the best prices.

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