How one child is helping to break down barriers for CBD

This is how the story of Charlotte and how her rare medical condition is helping to blaze the trail for cannabis to be accepted, treated, and tested like medicine by medical professionals. However we are only part way there and we need to remain vigilant and make our voices heard.

The not so happily ever after

Charlotte is a young girl afflicted with a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet’s Syndrome.  By the age of five she would be tormented with 300 seizures in a week.  Her situation was dire, these seizures were ravaging her body leaving the only option for her parents was to place her in a medically induced coma.  This coma they hoped would allow her body an opportunity to rest and heal up from all of the seizures.   Eventually the doctors tossed in the towel and advised her parents that there was not much more that can be done for her. 

Well that’s not much of a story is it… where’s the happy ending? Well for Charlotte this is the turning point.  Soon a new option arose, but these parents would go through hell in the process to not only erase a stigma but to bring new hope to their daughter’s life. 

The change up

As a result of her dire situation Charlotte’s grandfather can be credited with starting the charge down an extremely unconventional path for the time.  He had extensive research and found that another family in a similar situation had turned to cannabis for treatment for their child that had Dravet’s Syndrome.  So what else did they have to lose?  Their child? Well if they did nothing then according to the doctors surely she would be lost, so why not risk it all and be at the forefront of alternative treatment just so you can save your child’s life?

We as a country have come so far since the days of Charlotte but we still have so far to go to erase the stigma.  We here at Vapor Loft KC sell high quality CBD products that have a wide variety of amazing benefits.  Please come join us at our store located in North Kansas City, Missouri we would love to help you out in determining what might be right for you.   We are only a short drive from downtown Kansas City and would love for you to pay us a visit. For directions or if you wish to reach out to us please visit our contact us page.

Check out Charlotte’s full story here.

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