It’s summer, which translates to “Wedding Season”. Apart from the heat, there will be a lot of drama and tension for sure. Things are going to be hectic, and people are going to wish for something or anything that could lighten things up. But you can’t get too drunk with the wedding closing in.

So the next best thing? Delta-8 Strains.

Unlike delta-9 THC, delta-8 is more subtle and offers a variety of effects including euphoria, sedation or even an energy boost. With delta-8, you won’t be out of your right mind but you will certainly get that chill vibe you need to enjoy the day it’s meant to be enjoyed.

Whether it’s your wedding or you are just attending one, these great delta-8 strains are guaranteed to give you an even more memorable day.

Berry Slush

This is the ideal choice for someone who’s actively trying to ensure a smooth event without issues. It’s a wedding. Of course there will be some issues to take care of. With Berry Slush, you can handle the situation better with a clear, calm mind. Berry Slush combines strawberry with a dash of citrus, lime and lemon – the perfect flavors amped up by delta-8 to generate some extra confidence in you.

Milk Chocolate Delta-8 THC Chocolate Bar

If it’s your wedding, you will need this to lead and absolutely dominate the celebrations. It’s as nostalgic and pure as any chocolate bar but with an extra kick from the delta-8 which will keep you in the best mood throughout the ceremony. Think about it. You can begin sharing your life with your partner by sharing this velvety goodness too.

Boo Berry

If you didn’t get a good night’s sleep before the wedding, just start your day with Boo Berry. This disposable gives you that euphoric boost with a combination of blueberries and lemon; just what you need to prepare yourself for the ceremony. You will feel energetic throughout the pre-wedding makeup & photoshoot sessions, along with everything else before the actual event.

Melon Bites

Melon Bites is the perfect option if you are feeling jittery. Things can get pretty hectic during weddings, and the pressure might get you nervous. What you need is the sweet, juicy goodness of watermelon delivered to you in the form of a surprisingly potent gummy delta-8 jelly gummy. You will feel calm immediately. But don’t take too much though. Because then you may feel a bit sleepy.

Purple Punch

Be wary of this one as this is something you should take only if you badly need a quick nap, after handling a thousand things during the wedding. If things get a bit too frustrating, the Purple Punch can knock you out. It’s a perfect blend of delicious grapes and subtle hints of blueberry, that packs a potent delta-8 hit. You can calmly get some shut-eye for an hour or so before things get chaotic again.

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