Historically it has been proved that nicotine smoke can damage your health and wellbeing in every possible aspects and it poses a threat in the short and long term. But a nice Vape is less harmful. Tobacco contains a whooping 7000 chemicals while Vape contains fewer chemicals. While nicotine damages your every organ and body systems, Vape is a much better healthier alternative to your smoking.
Let us check the other reasons why Vape is better than smoke. You can enjoy your Vape with less money than you spend for your traditional smoking. Means, you are buying ill-health by smoking by spending more money. Nicotine offers you only one same flavour but you can try unending array of flavours in Vape like apple pie, lemon etc. Vape is more appealing to your palate. You will feel like your Vape melts in your palate.
Another reason is that Vape helps you quit smoking. You will have a smooth and healthier transition from unsafe smoke to safer Vape. It is important that you should not buy badly designed, unsafe Vaping devices and unscientifically prepared e-liquids from unsafe sellers. It doesn’t guarantee the perceived benefits of Vaping.
Nicotine causes heart attack. It leads to premature deaths and poor quality of life and health. So switch to Vape. Nicotine as we know is highly addictive and toxic. Nicotine causes craving and causes withdrawal symptoms. But if you use Vape, you are in control of your Vaping habit while smoking controls you with its nicotine craving and withdrawal symptoms. You will be trapped by nicotine addiction. Vape is the best smoking cessation tool as of now. It helps you wean from smoke to its healthy alternative, the herb vapours.
Vape is popular among youth as youth are always quick to adopt better technology than old experienced users. Gradually, traditional older smokers are adopting Vaping looking at the youth. Vaping has no stigma attached to it unlike smoking as Vape provides smoke free environment in your social setting. Vape leaves no odour in your breath, body, cloth or environment. Vaping is more socially acceptable and socially suitable and soothing habit than the traditional smoking.
Nicotine causes cancer and make you suffer and eventual painful death. While Vaping gives you health benefits as it is smoke free. Vape doesn’t cause stain in mouth and good for oral hygiene. Vape is more flexible than smoke. You can mix or buy proper concentration and flavour e-liquids unlike smoke that provides you the same one experience and no alteration possible. You can adjust your Vaping device for proper volume of vapour output and you are in full control. You are the master when it comes to Vaping but nicotine is the master when you smoke. Vape gives instant satisfaction without stressing your wallet. Vaping devices are user friendly and they give you no hassle.
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