Our vape shop here in Kansas City, Missouri has been getting a lot of visits from customers looking for Delta-10 THC lately, including regulars who used to come here for high quality Delta-8 THC. It seems the entire THC community likes this new variant of THC, and for good reason.

Delta-10 THC presented itself almost the same way it’s predecessor Delta-8 had done – as a better alternative. It all started with delta-9 THC and how it ended up being dreaded by the community for its harmful side effects. Delta-8 THC was soon discovered as a milder, sedating alternative to delta-9 THC without any harmful side effects. While delta-8 has a sedating effect, delta-10 has a more uniquely energizing effect with much less potency compared to delta-9.

If it all sounds confusing, let us put it in a nutshell for you.

● Delta-9 THC – Potent With Serious Side Effects
● Delta-8 THC – Less potent than delta-9 with a sedating effect
● Delta-10 THC – Less potent than delta-9, as good as delta-8 but with an energizing effect.

An interesting fact about delta-10 is that most products commercially available today also contain delta-8 in addition to delta-10. This isn’t a bad thing, and is primarily because it’s difficult to manufacture delta-10 as it has to be extensively refined. So there is not much delta-10 available to meet the growing demand. That said, most products available today still won’t disappoint.

Let’s check out some of the popular delta-10 THC product types available in the market today.

Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridges

Arguably the most popular type of delta-10 product in the market today, these vape cartridges come in a variety of strains as they may contain varyingly enhanced terpenes. Vapes are preferred for quick results and potency.

Delta-10 THC E-Liquids

If you are interested in using vape devices with refillable cartridges, you can use delta-10 e-liquids that come in different strengths and flavors. At Vapor Loft, we are getting more orders for delta-10 e-liquids now than CBD e-liquids.

Delta-10 THC Tinctures

Fortunately for THC enthusiasts, delta-10 THC tinctures are abundantly available now despite the scarcity of high quality delta-10. However, only reputed stores sell quality tinctures. Tinctures have subtler effects than inhalation, and are chosen for more convenience and longer lasting effects.

Delta-10 THC Dabs

The demand for delta-10 THC dabs is mostly due to hemp enthusiasts who are interested in experiencing something with an extra kick. And they can get that effect from delta-10 concentrates in either wax or shatter forms. Dabs are for experienced users as they are very potent with stronger effects, and require a dabbing device.

Delta-10 THC Capsules

Probably the most user-friendly and convenient product type, capsules are gaining popularity every year. Though there aren’t many delta-10 capsules available, we expect companies to roll out capsules combining delta-10 and other hemp compounds soon.

These are just a few of the most popular delta-10 THC product types available at present. There certainly will be more. If you are interested in trying out delta-10 THC, do visit us at Vapor Loft, KC.

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