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We do love celebrating cool stuff happening in Kansas City. From the inception of our vape shop, we have always been mindful of everything happening in our city as much as our customers. Vapor Loft is now quite popular not just across the vaping community. We are now one of the many hangout spots in the city, with people just meeting up for casual conversations and discussing developments around us that make us all proud.

And this is one development we had to write about.

Kansas City’s International Airport Terminal is almost finished. And we get to have a virtual tour in 3D to see how the terminal will look once it’s finished. We already took the tour, and thought it would be good to write about it for people who haven’t taken the tour yet.

For starters, we really liked how the terminal looks; like a big letter H. You can see the 4-lane elevated roadway in the 3D model too. It’s supposed to separate traffic for departures and arrivals. There is also an overhang that offers weather protection for people disembarking. It has a height of 60 foot, and covers two lanes closest to the terminal.

According to the 3D tour, the ticketing lobby is massive. It will house 70 check-in desks, and is said to be as long as two football fields fully adorned with 900 panels of glass. Behind the ticket counters will be limestone panels, though we aren’t sure how that would look. Being an International Terminal, we were a bit curious about the parking facility. And we were really surprised to find out that it isn’t bigger. The 6148-space parking garage will have the same capacity that was available at the previous terminals.

Additionally, there are two concourses with 12 and 27 gates linked by a 630 foot connector with moving walkways so travelers can move between the concourses. This sounds too good. But there’s more. There’s a midpoint here that showcases museum-quality exhibits. This is where travelers can discover the history of aviation in Kansas City. We think that’s a nice touch but no surprise here considering this is an international terminal.

Speaking of, the older terminals (Terminal B and Terminal C) will be demolished once they open the new terminal. Thankfully, the same fate doesn’t await the old parking garages. It’s good that they decided to retain them though they haven’t decided whether to open them for the public. As of now, the parking garage of Terminal B will be open for employees only. We will know soon what they plan to do with Terminal C parking garage.

Once the international terminal is open, we can expect even further developments around.

Do you think a change is coming? Visit us at Vapor Loft, and tell us what you think about the new terminal over the best quality vapes, smokes and more we have on stock. Feel free to chill out wi

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